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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation treatments at Hogue Clinics can improve your facial appearance and give you a younger, refreshed look. There are a wide variety of treatment modalities to choose from, including sculpting, volume restoration, skin tightening, wrinkle correction, tissue regeneration, and more. Whether you are aiming for a single-dimensional or multi-dimensional treatment approach, a consultation with cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, can provide you with innovative treatment options to achieve your desired cosmetic and regenerative treatment goals.

About Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation is a treatment category that can help individuals, both women and men, reverse the unwanted appearance of facial aging that gradually affects everyone over time. Dr. Hogue performs innovative, effective treatments to meet the specific needs of his facial rejuvenation patients. Depending on your rejuvenation focus, you may benefit from treatments such as autologous fat grafting, skin tightening with RF or laser, wrinkle correction with Botulinum Toxin-A injections (Xeomin®), fat removal and facial sculpting with laser liposuction, or a combination of these treatments to treat your specific facial rejuvenation needs.

Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Hogue Clinics offers the following treatments performed by cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, for your facial rejuvenation needs:


At Hogue Clinics, we use sophisticated autologous fat grafting techniques, combined with PRP regenerative agents, to optimize 3-dimensional volume correction, facial sculpting, and tissue regeneration of the aging face. Fat is harvested from body surplus areas such as the torso or thighs using local anesthesia and a tiny fat harvesting cannula that aspirates 1-mm diameter fat aspirate particles felt to be optimal for the best fat grafting clinical outcome. Whether you are in need of volume restoration of your depleted facial fat pads around your eyes, temples, malar cheeks, nasolabial folds, lower face, or jowls, our successful fat grafting technique are optimized for your success.


Transdermal skin tightening with Radiofrequency (RF) and/or laser both represent thermal-based modalities designed to use heat to shrink the skin and its dermal components to cause the skin to effectively tighten. The choice of which modality to use, whether RF and/or laser, depends on such factors as skin tone (melanin content), skin thickness, degree of skin damage and wrinkling, along with surgeon’s recommendation and patient’s choice. In general, RF and laser skin resurfacing and skin tightening potentially have several days to several weeks of downtime for the patient. These treatments are performed using local anesthesia while awake in an outpatient office-based setting. The combined use of PRP with its growth factors, cytokines, and peptides, performed immediately after an RF or laser skin tightening treatment, provides tissue regenerative effects resulting in improved treatment outcomes and shortened downtime.


At Hogue Clinics, we use the FDA-cleared Botulinum Toxin-A injectable agent called Xeomin®. Dynamic wrinkles of expression are lessened and improved with the neurotoxin Xeomin®, which limits targeted wrinkle-causing facial muscle contractions often caused by frowning or squinting. Xeomin® injections are minimally painful with no down time, usually taking only fifteen minutes per injection session. Wrinkle correction results usually last 3 months or more and does require retreatment at 3- to 4-month intervals to maintain clinical wrinkle correction results.


Laser liposuction of the jawline, jowls, under chin, and neck, is a precision facial sculpting technique pioneered and performed by cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, that tightens lax skin and removes fatty deposits from facial areas that create the false appearance of a double chin or excessive jowls or distorts the overall facial shape or appearance. Dr. Hogue’s artistry, experience, and innovation regarding laser liposuction of the face, under chin, neck consistently delivers world-class results for his patients. The laser liposuction treatment is performed using the Hogue Surgical Endless Fiber, an FDA-cleared surgical laser fiber device invented and patented by Dr. Hogue. Targeted fat areas treated with laser liposuction are permanently transformed from “nutrient-rich” to “nutrient-poor”. Fatty deposits are permanently removed by liposuction as the face, under chin, and neck are precision sculpted. Laser heating of the skin and its connective tissue components lead to significant skin and tissue tightening. Clinical results following laser liposuction are expected to be long term due to transformation of the fat space.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for facial rejuvenation is a healthy, either sex, non-smoking individual in overall good health with realistic expectations. Facial rejuvenation candidates span the spectrum of facial aging. There is something for everyone, no matter how mild or severe your facial rejuvenation needs may be. To determine if you are a good candidate for a facial rejuvenation treatment at Hogue Clinics, or to simply learn more, please contact Hogue Clinics today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hogue.

Conditions Treated

A list of conditions treated at Hogue Clinics using effective, innovative facial rejuvenationtreatments include the following:

  • Depletion of facial fat pads with visible facial shape changes, 3-dimensional facial volume loss, and the appearance of facial aging
  • Skin laxity, looseness, sagging with prominent skin folds and wrinkles
  • Skin tone and texture abnormalities, blemishes, sun spots, age spots, pigmentary changes
  • Facial scars, depressions, divots, and rough-textured skin surface appearance
  • Accumulation of fat in the lower face, jowls, jawline, under chin, and neck


Facial volume loss, particularly depletion of facial fat pads, is a major contributor to facial aging. This phenomenon affects most all of us throughout our forties to seventies, sometimes earlier. Facial volume correction may be performed using autologous fat grafting or synthetic dermal fillers. The merits of each is best contemplated during a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon experienced with performing a vast array of facial rejuvenation treatments.


Skin laxity is a primary factor in the development of facial aging. Skin laxity and skin elasticity give skin its ability to retain a smooth texture and hold a taut, lifted profile. Skin elasticity will naturally vary from individual to individual, often influenced by heredity and genetics, but exposure to the sun and UV radiation, smoking, and stress may speed the degradation of skin elasticity. Loose skin results in sagging, deepening of wrinkles and sunken areas on the face. Ultimately, there is little control or influence you can exert over this phenomenon through dieting or exercise. Facial rejuvenation treatments which focus on volume replacement, skin tightening, and skin regeneration represent the most proven, long-term remedy for turning back the hands of time on facial aging.


The degenerative tissue effects experienced with facial aging include loss of collagen, loss of elastin, thinning skin, and atrophic effects involving facial tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, and bone. Regenerative treatments which regenerative the cells and tissues comprising the face represent a back-door treatment approach for facial aging. Autologous bio-cellular agents such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and fat aspirate concentrate (FAC), enriched with growth factors, cytokines, peptides, and a vast array of regenerative cell populations including mesenchymal stem cells, arguably hold the best chance for turning back the hands of time with respect to facial aging and facial rejuvenation.


Dr. Hogue is an experienced, innovative surgeon with world-class expertise to provide his facial rejuvenation patients with world-class results.
Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, provides a complimentary consultation for each prospective facial rejuvenation patient to determine their candidacy for treatment. During this consultation, Dr. Hogue will discuss your health status and perform a brief physical examination to ensure that our facial rejuvenation treatments are right for you. Based on selection criteria, clinical indication, and desired outcome, a customized treatment plan is developed specific for each patient. Facial rejuvenation requires great expertise, experience, and artistry, due to the complex technical requirements and skillful know-how necessary to achieve a successful clinical outcome.

Why Choose Dr. Hogue?

Many prospective patients overlook the qualities and artistic talents of their surgeon, assuming they are all created equal, when in fact, the experience, expertise and artistic ability of the surgeon often has a huge impact on the clinical outcome and final results. With years of experience and a reputation as an industry leader, inventor, and pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery and regenerative medicine, Dr. Hogue delivers world-class results for his patients.

Join the many satisfied patients that received world-class facial rejuvenation results by choosing Dr. Hogue.


A Hogue Clinics price quote for facial rejuvenation treatment offerings is provided at your complimentary consult with Dr. Hogue. Pricing is determined by the complexity of the specific techniques performed during your facial rejuvenation treatment. Contact Hogue Clinics today to schedule your complimentary facial rejuvenation consultation.

Free Consultation

Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, consults with each patient to customize a treatment plan specific to their needs, wants, and desired treatment results.

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