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Laser Liposuction

At Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, laser liposuction is a transformative technique that first uses a powerful pulsed laser to heat, melt, and lipolyze targeted fat tissue, followed by fat removal with gentle suctioning and precision sculpting to achieve world-class results.

Qualities of a World-Class Surgeon

To achieve world-class results, the combination of a surgeon’s aesthetic eyemasterful hands, and innovative technologies must be applied with artful precision. At Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Hogue is the surgeon artist gifted with these capabilities. Anyone considering laser liposuction must do their research to determine what is their safest, best choice to achieve a realistic, world-class outcome. Because of Dr. Hogue’s creativity, innovation, experience, and technical expertise, he has evolved into a burgeoning maestro surgeon in the field of laser liposuction and body contouring.

Clay Sculpture by Dr. Hogue

Selecting a cosmetic surgeon to perform liposuction on you is fundamentally about picking an Artist and Surgeon. The selection is also about finding a surgeon with support staff that are professional, welcoming and caring. Hogue Cosmetic Surgery is a results driven surgical practice committed to world-class results, patient safety, and customer service. Dr. Hogue is a trusted Artist and Surgeon. Dr. Hogue’s support staff, his operating room nurse, Lori Hogue, RN, are all amazing. While Dr. Hogue enjoys the artistry of sculpting with clay, he still prefers sculpting the living and forever changing lives.

Hogue Surgical EndlessFiber®

At Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, the FDA-cleared EndlessFiber® is used to perform laser lipolysis during a laser liposuction procedure. Invented and patented by Dr. Hogue, manufactured by Hogue Surgical LLC, the EndlessFiber® is a revolutionary medical device of premium quality. Precision mechanical cleaves on the proximal and distal fiber endfaces allow high-power laser (light) energy to be delivered uniformly within the targeted fat space.

Once the fat space has been completely and uniformly heated with laser (light) energy to lipolyze the fat cells using the Sciton ProLipo® Laser with the EndlessFiber®, the artistry begins.

Transformation of the Fat Space

Laser liposuction, when performed by Dr. Hogue, uses a powerful 1320nm pulsed Nd:YAG laserto transform the targeted fat space by heating up the fat, blood vessels, and connective tissuesto a specific temperature range of 52-55 degrees Celsius. To achieve this safely, indwelling real-time tissue temperature monitoring is done to prevent against overheating. The overall heating of the targeted fat space with 1320nm Nd:YAG laser energy, in addition to melting the fat, over time causes the blood vessels and connective tissues to significantly shrink in size, thereby transforming the fat space to become more likely to preserve its newly sculpted shape, and less likely to accumulate more fat.

Technique Does Matter

The laser liposuction procedure is perhaps the most artistic and technically challenging cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr. Hogue performs at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery.
Dr. Hogue has pioneered and perfected his laser liposuction technique from the time when the low-power SmartLipo® 6-watt laser system first became FDA-cleared, until his transition to the high-power Sciton ProLipo® 40-watt laser system. In its purest form, laser lipolysis is performed before suctioning of fat is performed, not the reverse order. Unfortunately, this is in contrast to what many are doing in the industry. Performing laser lipolysis first allows the fat to be melted with powerful laser energy pulses. Minimally traumatic suction cannulas with small holes capable of sucking up the melted fat are then used to suction up lipolyzed fat, while minimizing bleeding and disruption of connective tissues. The end result is a smooth, stealth, and beautiful laser liposuction result for Dr. Hogue’s patient.

Tumescent Local Anesthesia Technique

Dr. Hogue specializes in the safest form of anesthesia for laser liposuction ever invented using the Tumescent Local Anesthesia (TLA) technique. The TLA technique uses a dilute local anesthetic containing lidocaine, epinephrine, and sodium bicarbonate to completely numb the fat space.

Using a combination of artistry, technical innovation including high-power laser lipolysis with the Sciton ProLipo® Laser System, the Hogue Surgical EndlessFiber®, indwelling real-time tissue temperature monitoring, small cannula liposuction, skin protectors for entry sites, and the Tumescent technique, Dr. Hogue has consistently achieved world-class laser liposuction results for his patients.

Treatment Areas for Laser Liposuction

Treatment areas for laser liposuction offered at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery include the following:


  • Female lower face, jawline, jowls, under chin, neck
  • Female upper arms and peri-shoulders
  • Female posterior cervical fat pad (buffalo hump)
  • Female breasts
  • Female front torso (upper & lower abdomen, mons pubis, ventral sides, lateral breast area)
  • Female back torso (upper back, mid back, flanks, sacrum, dorsal sides)
  • Female ‘Framing the Buttocks by Hogue’ (sacrum, flanks, hips, outer thighs, banana folds)
  • Female buttocks
  • Female hips
  • Female thighs (outer, inner, front, back)
  • Female knees (inner, anterior)
  • Female calves


  • Male lower face, jawline, jowls, under chin, neck
  • Male upper arms and peri-shoulders
  • Male posterior cervical fat pad (buffalo hump)
  • Male chest (Man Boobs)
  • Male front torso (upper & lower abdomen, suprapubic region, ventral sides)
  • Male back torso (upper back, mid back, flanks, sacrum, dorsal sides)
  • Male buttocks

Invitation to View Gallery

Dr. Hogue invites you to look at some of the actual before & after photo results of his laser liposuction results shown in the “Laser Liposuction” gallery shown below. Displayed ‘Before and After’ Photos on the Hogue Clinics website and its affiliated websites were not retouched or altered. Examples of world-class results may not be typical, and are not intended to convey and warranty outcomes, promises, or benefits from treatment. A patient’s decision to accept any treatment should be made by the patient as to the risks and benefits of such treatments, and only after consultation with a health care professional.

Traditional Liposuction

At Hogue Clinics, the specialty clinics Hogue Cosmetic Surgery and Minnesota Regenerative Medicine team up during an adipocyte-derived stem cell or micronized fat procedure. Traditional liposuction is preferentially used by liposuction surgeons at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery to harvest fat cells from surplus regions of a patient’s body, such as the abdomen or flanks. Traditional liposuction techniques with sharp-holed cannulas are used to suction, rip, and tear tiny pieces of live fat tissue from its stromal vascular fraction where mesenchymal stem cells, progenitor cells, and preadipocytes are known to reside. Regenerative medicine surgeons then separate and isolate the mesenchymal stem cells and stromal cells in preparation for performing a regenerative treatment. For lipo body sculpting procedures at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, traditional liposuction is not used since laser liposuction is deemed to be the superior technique.

At Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, traditional liposuction is used only for harvesting of fat for isolation of adipocyte-derived stem cells, nothing else. Laser liposuction is preferred by Dr. Hogue for all body sculpting procedures for the following reasons:

  • Laser liposuction transforms the fat space via laser energy-induced tissue shrinkage
  • Laser liposuction shrinks blood vessels, which makes recurrence of fat less likely
  • Laser liposuction uses less traumatic liposuction cannulas
  • Laser liposuction minimizes bleeding and disruption to the fat tissue architecture
  • Laser liposuction maximizes fat removal
  • Laser liposuction is the ideal technique for producing world-class results

Free Consultation

Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hogue, consults with each patient to customize a treatment plan specific to their needs, wants, and desired treatment results.

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